Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 8- A Picture That Makes You Angry/Sad

Well hi. I know I was supposed to write this one yesterday, but we were dealing with some crazy infection that Nick got, so we spent a good amount of time in the ER yesterday. He is OK thankfully:)

So, a photo that makes me angry or sad. I don't think I have a personal photo that makes me angry. And the picture that I chose makes me happy as much as it makes me sad. My siblings alllllllll moved away this summer. This photo was taken the day before my youngest sibs moved. It makes me sad because I miss them everyday, and wish that we could all be together. It makes me happy because it was a fun afternoon that we all spent together.

back row L-R, Adrienne (20), Abigail (12), Me- Marjorie (25), Madeline (22)
front row - Manny (5)


  1. Oh wow, even Madeline moved?

    Have you given any thought to moving, or do you think you'll be staying where you are?

  2. Yeah, Maddy is actually driving across the country now, headed to live in Napa, CA.

    I am fully content staying here. I love living on the Cape, and with Nick being a fisherman, it makes sense for us to stay here:) I am sad that my family is so far away, but this is home to us. We can always visit family or have them visit here (it's always nice to have a contact on the Cape, right??).