Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days

This next year is sure to be a big one for me! Here are some of the things I am excited about!

-I am finalllllllllllllly going to be graduating from college in May! I started way back in 2003, but only stayed for a year. I went back in the fall of 2008 and am so ready to be done! Best thing is that I will be an alumnus of the same college that I started at right after high school!

-Nick and I have been talking about buying a house! This is so exciting for us, but something that is very new. I am hoping that we will have said house within the next year! I am sure I will be blogging about our process as we get more into it.

-We will set a wedding date this year! That is something that I know FOR SURE. I need at least a year to plan this bad boy, and we are thinking fall 2012, so we HAVE to set a definite date this year.

-I will get into better shape. This is something that I have already been working on. A great friend of mine and I have become gym buddies! We have been working out together for the last few weeks, at least three times a week (although I try to go at least one other day, too!). I think I am actually beginning to see results! Even if the visual results take a while, I am feeling better. I love the way sore muscles feel!

-We are going to Wilmington, NC for Christmas to be with my family. I can't WAIT! This will be the first time since July that we have all been together, and I am already looking forward to spending time with everyone (and listening to Hanson's Christmas CD with my sisters!). My Mom, Dad, Step-Dad, 3 sisters, brother, and Nick and I will all be there. Did I mention that I can't wait?

-I am still, and always, hoping that I can get a handle on keeping the house cleaner! It's still a work in progress!


  1. Figures that you get to come down south for Christmas, and we have to go up north! Not looking forward to that cold CT Christmas...

    Good luck with everything else you're working on!

  2. Oh come on Tara, doesn't the cold just make it feel more like Christmas? Honestly, if we had a house where everyone could come, I would rather have it up here:) I'm sure it will be a big adjustment for you guys though (it's been in the 50's here all week, already!).