Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wellness Wednesday - For Your Spirit

Lately I have been all about eating right and trying to work out more.  This is all well and good, but I can't forget about the other part of my wellness, my spirit.  Doing things that make me feel good on the inside are also important.

Money has been tight, and since we are saving for the wedding, I feel like we have been sacrificing as far as going out and doing things.  I mean, Nick and I are homebodies anyway, and are more than happy to watch a few episodes of Law & Order: SVU and consider it a date night, but I feel like sometimes you just need to get out of the house (especially with crappy winter weather cabin fever setting in).  I have been really struggling with ways to do this on a tight budget, but in the last few weeks, managed to squeeze a couple in.

Last week, my best friend from college (the first time) came down for the day to visit.  She is one of very few people who will go out of their way to where we live to spend the day with us.  Nick and I looooove this about her (so much, that we were both actually texting her about it the night before without realizing!).  When she came down, we hung out at the apartment a little bit, went out for a long lunch, and made a semi-delicious dinner at home (my first try at baked ziti wasn't my favorite).  Then, that night we went to a local restaurant/bar and played trivia.  It was free to play, but we felt a little bad about going and not ordering anything, so we did each get a beer.  Even though we didn't win, it was something fun to do that didn't cost much.

On Monday night, while another friend and I were at the gym together, we were talking about how we really need to hang out somewhere other than the gym soon.  Even though we get to chat with each other while we are there, and stay mostly updated on each other's lives, it's not quite the same as just hanging out.  We decided we would just hang out that night, since she lives a half mile from the gym (and had a bottle of white zin in her fridge!).  We drank wine out of dollar tree Valentine's themed wine glasses and watched "Valentine's Day" on demand.  It was a wonderful, much needed girls night for me.

Now, I still wish that we were able to see our friends more often ( Heather, this means you!), but that's what happens when most of them live at least an hour away!  For now, I will keep trying to find inexpensive ways to spend quality time with friends that are close by.

What are some things that you do for your spirit?  Do you and your friends have inexpensive ways that you spend time together?  How do you handle living far away from your friends?


  1. MUAH! <3

    Miss you and so want to get together soon...i mean that! Lets plan it!

  2. I've moved around so much that I've lived far away from most of my friends for most of my adult life :( Nowadays we just all try to get together on vacations whenever we can, though with the economy as it is that's getting more and more difficult.

    However, as for local friends I would say the one thing I used to do when I lived in VA was go to this little Mexican restaurant on a Wednesday night for $2 Coronas and karaoke! We would usually eat dinner at home and spend maybe $10-20 (depending on whether we wanted to just have *a* beer or, err, a few) on beers while singing karaoke with some good friends :)