Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Total Lack of Inspiration

There hasn't been much in my life to inspire me to blog lately.  Honestly, there have been things going on that are downright depressing.  But, I am certainly not going to get into them here and I am trying not to let them get me down.

So, what have I been doing lately?  Working.  Working and finishing school.  Working and finishing school and playing part-time agent/webmaster for my shark hunter Husband-to-be.  So, what have I gotten done?  School.  I am officially done with my bachelor's degree.  There was certainly a lot of stress during my last semester, but I overcame it and passed all of my remaining classes.  Now, I just get the joy of finishing my state teaching tests and getting a preliminary licence to teach.  I may wait on that a while, since I really like where I am working.  Although, I do have a job in a education company, and I think that a teaching licence would really only help me.  Time will tell I guess.

Back to the shark hunter thing.  My bad-ass fiance was on Shark Week.  Any of you catch "Jaws Comes Home" on the Discovery Channel?  That was my fiance and future father-in-law on the boat, tagging the sharks.  The 18 foot long great white sharks.  Friends of mine think that I am insane for not worrying furiously when he is out being "shark bait".  I say, he knows what he is doing.  Anyway, which Shark Week comes lots of new possibilities for him and for us!  Hopefully it will all lead to a little bit of money and a wedding soon!

Speaking of, I don't have any planning news to share about ours.  It's been halted for now.  We need to figure out a savings plan before we can actually start planning a wedding.  I did get the chance to be in a good friends wedding about a month ago!!  It was a beautiful, but HOT, July day and perfect for a backyard wedding.  I could not be happier for my friend and her husband and their new family (there are 4 children between the two of them!).  Being a part of their wedding day was beautiful and something I won't soon forget.

I will leave you with a picture of said wedding, and a promise to blog more often.  Now that I have my weekends back (after being in school for 3 YEARS!), I will be taking on some cleaning/organizing projects.  Be on the lookout for them!

I'm in the pink dress on the left!! The super tall one, with the dress that might have been a liiiiitle too short:) 


  1. Hooooow can you handle that they deal with sharks all day? I am terrrrified of them. So much so that I won't go in the water past my knees if I can't see the bottom! BLESS YOU!

  2. As far as the sharks go, Nick is terrified of them, too! But, they are not in the water and I have faith in the fact that his tag has been tagging sharks and tuna for research for a very long time. That being said, you certainly won't catch me swimming in Chatham anytime soon!