Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Small Victories

Well, I am feeling a little bit better about my cleaning ability today. Yesterday was a wash because I live with my super distracting boyfriend, and we had to watch Deadliest Catch and the episodes of Boy Meets World that we had on our DVR. But, he told me to just relax and worry about things tomorrow, so that's what I did!

Tonight, right when I got home, I put on some cleaning music and went to work on the 30 minute clean up (which was actually 40 minutes today!). I started in the kitchen (loading the dishwasher and wiping the counters) and ended in our bedroom (picking up trash...mostly tags from new clothes..and polishing the nightstand and dresser). While nothing is really immaculate, I did get something accomplished and I feel good about that. If I do work on one mess at a time, and keep that mess clean, then I should have a clean house in no time!!


  1. Yay!! Did you listen to the same mix? Or was it new songs?

  2. So you and one other blogging friend of mine both mentioned cleaning up/getting rid of things within the past couple weeks...wanted you to know that you had a part in inspiring me to FINALLY get rid of a bunch of clothes...things I've kept around and not worn for years, mostly because they didn't fit properly but I had only worn them 2 or 3 times and felt bad giving them away, haha.

  3. Heather- I made a big mix on iTunes of "cleaning music"...then when it's time to clean, I put the playlist on shuffle and highlight songs from the bottom of the list up until it shows the amount of time that I am looking for (this way I get a new mix of songs each time, and when my time is up, the songs just stop playing).

    Tara- My big clothes purge is coming VERY SOON, so just you waiiiit until you see all the stuff I plan on getting rid of!