Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Clean Car...

...makes for a less stressful commute! And, guess what? I actually got around to cleaning my car the other day! It had sure been a long time coming. Since I am in my car for about 3 hours a day, it becomes cluttered quickly. There were things in there from when I moved...in November (and yes, they are technically still in there, but the trunk doesn't count. out of sight, out of mind)!! Not only that, but when I get out of school, I just stick handouts and notebooks and stuff on the seat, they then slide off and get lost in the abyss. In some ways, my car is like the only place I don't mind being dirty. It's a 1993 civic, and honestly, if I am going to go anywhere with anyone else their car will usually be a better choice, because it's clean and not the size of a matchbox car! And, since I drive so much during the day, Nick usually drives when we go somewhere. So really, I am almost the only person that ever rides in it.

So, my sister and I went over to our parents house, put on some tunes (the John Mayer pandora station, if you were wondering), pulled up a trashcan and the hose and went to town. It certainly helps to have someone else there cleaning with you, and it was a beautiful, warm Sunday that just screams car wash day! It feels good to be able to fit more than one person in it if I wanted to, and to finally have all the winter grime off the paint!


  1. I took a break from work the other day and cleaned all the trash from my car. Made the drive home a little better :)

  2. I don't spend as much time in my car, so it takes months for a mess of paperwork or whatever to build up...my problem is my dogs! They get in the car maybe once every couple weeks and they just EXPLODE their hair all over the place. Speaking of which, it's about time to vacuum out my car again. Sigh.