Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cleaning Support Group

Today, while looking through my facebook news feed, I came across a post from a friend about flylady. Now, my mom has been telling me about the wonders of this website for literally 10 years, and has tried to keep up with the "baby steps" that are listed on this site. Anyway, my friend posted to see who would be interested in a little cleaning accountability! Can I just say that I commented right away:) Even though I don't live anywhere near the people who will be doing this with me, I think this will help. I have been working on making changes and some of them have been working (ex. this morning I did a little 30-minute clean up that turned into about an hour clean up that tackled a part of my house I have been completely avoiding!).

In other news, my parents are pretty much moved out of our house now. My mom, like me, has lots of stuff. Much of it is useful and interesting, but probably doesn't get used or appreciated as much as it should! She did a big thing by taking much of it, but deciding that what was left in boxes in the basement for 10 years probably isn't that important! I wonder if I would be able to do that with things that I have in boxes that have been there for a few years? I am getting a few things from her (an over the sink shelf, a couple of antique school desks that I love, heirloom dressers from my Dad, and a box of my schoolwork from elementary school), but had to say no to things that I would have liked to have, but don't have a place for. And you know what, that's OK!

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  1. Haha...I really feel like that time when your parents finally say "we aren't storing your crap anymore, come get it" is a big step into the adult world for people. It happened to me a few years ago and I'll just say that with that (and with every move afterward) came a giant decluttering of my life. At least three times since 2007 I've gone through boxes/bins of my stuff and gotten rid of probably a third of what's left. Maybe eventually I'll give in and get rid of the rest of it...sigh