Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where Did June Go?!?

Wow. This month completely flew by! Today, I looked back and said to myself "What have I even done this month?". I am feeling frustrated and discouraged that I have not done nearly as many things as I wanted to these last couple of weeks.

I am still fired up about getting rid of clothes, I just haven't actually done it. Granted, my best friend was having a baby the weekend of the 12th, so I was away that whole weekend, and last Sunday was father's day, so Nick and I were with our families all day. I have also been in the process on buying a car for the last couple of weeks, which was stressful and consumed much of my thoughts. I now have that car, and am so excited!

Also, my parents, Step-Dad, little brother and sister will all be moving away at the beginning of July. This is an added stress, and honestly makes me quite overwhelmed. I have never lived so far way from my family. It will be weird to be the only one still "home". I need to make room in my apartment for the couple of things that I plan on keeping from their house (mainly 2 vintage school desks, that are AT LEAST 50 years old, but probably much older).

This weekend, I have a plan. Granted, it's not much of a plan, but I am done trying to get everything done at one time. It's too disappointing when I don't accomplish what I wanted. So, this weekend (Sunday in particular), before I go help my parents move some, I will go through the clothes that are already in my bedroom and organize them. This is an easy one because most of my clothes are still packed away. I will be happy if I can get this done. Here's hoping.

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