Monday, June 7, 2010

Wardrobe Clean-out!!

I have FINALLY had enough with my clothes. It is not only the fact that I have so many now, it's the fact that I am borrrrrrrred with them. I feel like I own very few things that I really like, and that fit me well, and I think it's time to start over. Here's the game plan:

...clothes that don't fit (see previous "skirt with geese on it" post).
...clothes that I don't like ("skirt with geese", again!).
...duplicates (how many white v-neck t-shirts do I really need?). pink shoes (I have multiple pairs...don't ask).

...dress pants ( The Limited makes a pair that fits perfect).
...Button Down Shirts that fit ( Old Navy now sells most styles in Tall, with longer arms and length!).
...accessories (that way my clothes will be versatile!).
...Jeans that are age appropriate (Dark, trouser-ish).
...a couple of nice "going out" shirts (I am still young! ha).
...nice flats (black, brown, metallic of some kind).

I feel like once I have done this, I will be more content with what I own, and maybe I won't be so inclined to buy everything I see! I am really excited for the purge and will post pictures of the piles that go buh-bye!!


  1. ahhh really about the button down shirts from ON??? I'll have to check that out.

    I recently went through my closet and drawers and got rid of a pile of clothes that don't really fit/clothes that I didn't really like/clothes that I knew I'd never wear again. Probably didn't toss as much as I should, but still, good riddance to what did go!

  2. Tara, Old Navy makes almost EVERYTHING in tall now online. Literally. T-shirts, dresses, EVERYTHING. I just bought some T-shirts and the biggest difference I notice is in the arm holes. I could buy a medium and have it fit snug on my body, but still have enough room in the shoulders and under my arms. So awesome:) Being one of my first "tall buddies" you totally get me;)