Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding planning is fun! (So far)...

Nick and I have been engaged for about 3 weeks now, and while we haven't narrowed anything down for sure (except for the fact that we want to get married next fall, probably early November 2011), we have been talking about EVERYTHING wedding related! He has been awesome and interested in everything, which is so cool. He actually has opinions and will listen to me (for a little while) when I am talking about random wedding ideas. He is so excited for me to be his wife, and can't wait for our wedding.

Tomorrow, I am making my first trip to David's Bridal to try on wedding gowns. I know that this is where I will purchasing my gown because they have some dresses that I love and their prices are inexpensive. I know that I will find something there that I love (and all of their dresses come in extra length!). While I am there, my sister will also be trying on bridesmaid dresses so that we can see which colors we really like, and what type of style we are looking to go with. There are so many dresses and fabrics that I think it will be a tough decision.

As far as bridesmaid dresses go, I do have a dream color scheme! This may change since we are having such a long engagement, but right now I am leaning towards lapis colored dresses with silver accents.
Lapis is a very dark purple from David's, which I think is perfect for a fall wedding, and I think the silver will make it all look more formal.

I love the way the color looks in this picture, but can't decide on chiffon/jersey or satin! I guess it all depends on what wedding dress I wind up getting!

Oh, and I haven't entirely given up on cleaning! Today I worked on the kitchen like crazy, and even have some potpourri going in a simmer pot to make the house smell delish!


  1. IT IS FUN!! I hope that you keep that attitude and don't get overwhelmed.
    Being engaged was a wonderful time for much anticipation and so much LOVE :)
    The hardest part is the seating plan...but you have a long ways to go before that!! :)

  2. so exciting!! enjoy every moment :)

  3. so exciting!! I just found your blog on the weddingbee post and I am glad I did. This is such a fun time for you both. Enjoy every minute.

    check out this post I wrote about a wedding we went to in May. Her dresses were Lapis from David's and photograph beautifully.

    xo- Your most recent follower! :-)

  4. Thanks guys, it's been really fun so far!

    @sara- Thanks for the link, I love the lapis color so far...but who knows if I might change my mind in the year+ that we have to plan! haha.

  5. I *love* that color purple! I can't imagine anyone not looking good in it.