Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 16- A Song That Makes You Cry (or nearly)

Music makes me VERY emotional, and always has. I can remember in the 4th grade, shortly after my grandmother passed away, having to sing very sad song in music class and having to leave the room crying. Then in high school after a break-up there was a certain song that always got myself (and my empathetic little sister) crying, every time. I tend to associate music with everything, and I pretty much have a song that I think of for lots of different times in my life. Since I primarily listen to country music (and Hanson! ha), I find that a lot of the songs are super emotional, sometimes I just can't help but cry!

I figure since I am a musical crier, I will write about the song that made me cry most recently. I saw a post on WeddingBee the week that Nick and I got engaged talking about father/daughter dance songs. I am pretty sure Daddy-o and I already know what we will dance to when that time comes (he has a favorite), but I still gave this song a listen. "Walk With You" by Edwin McCain is one of the sweetest songs I have ever heard. Maybe it was the fact that I had just been proposed to and all things wedding related were making me a little weepy, or the fact that my Dad had just moved far away from me for the first time in my life, but I cried big fat tears when I first heard this song. I am such a sap.

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