Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 15 - Your Dream House

I love old houses. Generally, anything built from the late 1700's - about 1900. I know that this means that I like a lot of different styles of houses (Colonial, Federal, Victorian), but I just think that the houses that were built then were so much grander than the new construction. The details in old houses, like built in cabinets and crown molding, just make them seem so special. If I were to have a colonial style house, or a farm style house, they would HAVE to have a big, wrap-around farmers porch. I pretty much imagine any house that I look at with an added farmers porch! Also, I love history, especially American history, so I like to imagine what it would have been like to live in those houses when they were first built.Since Nick doesn't like old houses and thinks they are creepy, if we ever get to have our "dream house" it will be a newly constructed house based on an antique floorplan:)

Here are some pictures of two styles that I really like; a farmhouse from upstate NY, and a Victorian from the Belvidere section of Lowell, MA (my favorite part of living in such a historical city was all of the amazing homes!).

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  1. I love old houses too! So does Steve. *IF* we ever move out of our current house for some weird reason (which is cool in its own right--a modern-style house built in the 70s) it will be into a big old house closer to downtown Greenville.