Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 21 - A Recipe

A friend of mine gave me this recipe years ago, and I still have it on the original photocopied paper. She was telling me how it was a favorite of her and her husband's. This recipe originally came from a Cooking Light magazine that she had bought many years before she gave it to me.

I was going to type the whole recipe out for you, but I found the exact one here so I might as well just link it! Give this one a try. Every time I make it, people love it. It takes a little bit of time to make, and is not great when making if for social situations (I wound up watching from the kitchen while everyone else socialized!). I can promise you though, that it is truly delicious!

disclaimer: I have never made the sauce with this recipe. I am not that adventurous.
Hellllllo Barilla!

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