Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Study Break

I am finishing up my work for the last part of the two classes that I am taking right now, but I need a little study break! Last week, my friend Tara over at Connecticut Yankees in South Carolina posted some questions for her readers to answer. Here go the questions and answers from me!

1) Do you think you're a good cook? Why or why not?
I think that the things that I cook taste good. Do I think that I am a good cook? No. This is mostly because I am not very adventurous when it comes to what I make, and I don't feel confident enough to just "whip up a dinner".

2) Regardless of your answer to the above question, share a recipe with me :)
I am totally cheating on this question, and will just direct you here. This is supposed to be a quick study break after all;)

3) Do you feel as if crime shows such as the Law & Order series or Criminal Minds scare you or make you hypervigilant?
We watch Law and Order: SVU all the time. Even before we did, my Dad was a big L&O fan, so we watched a lot of it with him, too. I don't think that it really scares me or makes me hypervigilant, but it does make me wonder a little more. If I see something suspicious on the side of the road, I tend to think it could be something more than just a bag of trash!

4) Where was the last place you went on vacation?
The last place I went on vacation was to my Mom's house in Wilmington, NC. My cousin and I got to go together and spend the weekend.

5) In regards to the above question...did you enjoy yourself? What was your favorite part?
We had a great time! It was so awesome to see my cousin April, my sister, my brother, and my Mom. We got to go to the beach one day, and since it was already September, the beach was quiet and awesome. We also got to kayak near the house and wound up on a little beach there, too! My favorite part was the night that we spent drinking wine and eating baked brie. The food was delish, and it was nice to relax with everyone!

6) Name anywhere from one to three of your favorite stores. They can be anything from grocery stores to shoe stores!
My favorite stores are Target (I can always find something I love!), Savers (Again, I can always find something to bring home), and Christmas Tree Shops (since I am in a crazy decorating phase right now!).

7) What was the best pet you ever had? Cat, dog, guinea pig, I don't care! What was its name, what did you love about it, etc. :)
I've never been much of a pet person. We always had indoor/outdoor cats and they weren't my favorite. I guess the best on was a cat named Tiger. He was a striped cat who was just very relaxed. I'm sure this will change once Nick and I get our first pet!

8) Now share a [preferably personal, as in yours and not a random one from the internet] picture! Either of something you've cooked, from the vacation mentioned above, or of that favorite pet you just wrote about :)

Here is a picture of the view from the beach that we kayaked to. My Mom lives in the middle area of the picture!

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  1. :) Thanks for answering these! I actually copied that recipe the time you posted it. I'm not usually a huge chicken parm fan, but I like that this one uses sun dried tomatoes :)