Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Wonders of

So, we are coming down to the wire here.  As of last week, there were still a couple of key things that we were missing for the wedding.

1.  Rings.  We had been to many different jewelry stores locally.  We have a small ring budget, super small for Nick's ring since he will never be able to wear it during the day (occupational hazard, ie: a hook could get stuck under it and take him overboard with the hook).  I was wanting something with diamonds that was inexpensive and not channel set.  We could not find anything in the stores that fit this.

2. Shoes.  It is nearly winter in New England.  There was no way that I am going to be able to find Ivory flats in a store this time of year.  I especially will not be able to find them in a size 11 to fit my proportional big feet.  I checked out a couple of placed online (like the ballet flats from Dessy) but the shipping cost was too much and too slow to consider it.

What were we to do?  Less than 4 weeks until the wedding and no shoes for me to wear or rings to exchange?  I decided to take a little trip over to  Now, I am not one to buy things online.  Unless it's makeup or tall clothes from Old Navy.  So I just thought I would peek and see if they had anything that we would like for a price that we could handle.  We were so in luck!

First off, I found a pair of adorable Ralph Lauren flats.  They had them in "Parchment" and in a size 11.  They were the cheapest that I had seen any flats online, and they were not hideously ugly.   Right away, these bad boys went into my cart!

From there, I went looking for rings.  The one that we had liked in the store for Nick was $120, for Stainless Steel.  We couldn't imagine paying that much for something he would NEVER wear, but we were in luck again.  We found this titanium beauty for only $15!  Perfect!

Then, it was time to look for mine.  I am not really picky or particular when it comes to jewelry.  I was not thinking about the quality or the size of the diamonds that were to be on my ring, I just knew that I wanted some.  I also wanted something that would be thin like the band on my engagement ring, and I did not want a channel set band.  The cheapest bands that we saw at the store were $400.  They were $400 and I didn't really love the way they looked.  The first thing I see is this ring on Amazon that is exactly what I am looking for, and HALF the price of the ones in the store!

Needless to say, I am thrilled.  All of our packages arrived this week, and they were better than we could have expected.  Both rings fit perfect, and the shoes fit and are SUPER comfortable.

Did you buy any important things for your wedding online?!


  1. I bought SO much stuff online for my wedding! My shoes, my earrings and necklace, all of my bridesmaid's the way to go nowadays :)

  2. Amazon is unbelievably addictive-- congrats on your finds! We ended up getting our rings (both titanium and engraved) on etsy for 50 dollars each! Oh, the internet :)