Monday, April 16, 2012

Any Day Now

Well, I am officially due one week from today.  I now understand what this waiting game is all about.  Although I have never seen a due date as an expiration date, I do feel myself getting more anxious as that date gets closer. Will she be early? late? right "on time"?

Nick and I have gotten everything ready for her.  Her pack and play is set up in our room right next to the bed. That's where she'll be sleeping for the first few months since I plan on exclusively breast feeding and I have also been told that baby sleeping in your room helps everyone get more sleep.  Her clothes are washed and ready for her to wear them.  The stroller has been built and is already in the trunk of my car waiting for our first walk on the canal.  Her car seat is installed and ready for her to be riding around in it!  And, we rearranged our living room and replaced the love seat with the glider and ottoman.  Nick is already ready to be rocking his baby in that thing everyday!

Beyond the material things, we are just ready for her to get here.  Nick and I have been talking about a family since we were teenagers.  It's so exciting to know that we are starting our little family at any time now.  We are excited to go through labor and delivery together.  Both of us can't wait to just hold her. I have a feeling that we will be the couple that just stares at their baby all day long.  As soon as Nick gets home from work at night, I know he will just want to hold her as much as he can.  I just want to know what she's going to look like.  I am excited and anxious to see if I will see myself in her or if she will be the spitting image of Nick.

One way or another, we don't have much longer to wait.  I think that we can make it and I'm really hoping that she chooses to get here on the sooner side rather than the later.

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