Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Due Date was Yesterday...

...and yes, I am still pregnant.

I haven't really had many contractions in the last few days, but I did wind up in the hospital on Friday night for a quick Non-Stress Test since I hadn't felt the baby move in several hours and that was really odd.  Of course, as soon as they hooked us up the machines, she started moving around like crazy.  Her heartbeat was great, my blood pressure was great, and we were in and out of there pretty quickly.

My Mom gets in tomorrow morning from North Carolina, and my Dad is flying in later tomorrow from Louisiana.  I think that she's waiting for her Grandparents to get here before she makes her big arrival.  Nick is getting very impatient as he wants to meet his little girl already!  It also doesn't help that we are fast approaching the start of his fishing season, and I know that he wants to take as much time off as he can to be with her.  Hopefully she'll get here soon so that the two of them will get some bonding time in before he goes back to work!

As for me, I am just sitting at home, watching old episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix and waiting for something to happen.  I am ready to get this over with so that we can be home with our baby girl!!

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  1. Eeeek!

    So excited to see her!! Good luck Momma