Friday, March 8, 2013

Penelope's 10 Month Updates

Hard to believe that we are fast approaching Penny's first birthday! I feel like time is just flying by. As of yesterday, she is now 10 months old!
I think she is getting more and more fun everyday. She will mimic what we say to her, and is saying several words on her own (teddy, puppy, daddy, hi, baby, and sometimes Momma). Along with verbal speech, she knows and uses two signs (for "more" and "all done"). But, lately, she has been siging more to mean "I want some food" when she sees the box of cheerios or bag of puffs. Even when she is not using it totally right, she gets her point across!
She loves people, but especially other babies and children. We are working on telling her to "be gentle" or "do nice" because she can be a little grabby. And, she makes every baby she meets cry with her excited shreiks! She loves to look at pictures of babies, or bsbies on the tv. This includes the baby in the mirror!
She is dancing when she hears music, either by shrugging her shoulders or wiggling her bottom. Now, she can not only crawl, but pull herself up in her pack n play! She has become so much more mobile and fearless in the last few weeks.
As for food, I am still breastfeeding her, day and night.  I have just started feeding her 3 solid meals a day. So, I will give her baby oatmeal mixed with a jar of baby food fruit for breakfast. Then, baby food veggies for lunch and baby food veggies mixed with baby food meat for dinner. Throughout the day, she'll have cheerios, yogurt melts, or freeze dried fruit for a snack. She loves to feed herself these things. If we are out to dinner, she does very well with table food, too. If I feed her some off my plate, it keeps her content so I can eat:)
She is such a big girl, with 12m clothes being too short, but most 18m clothes being too big in the waist! She is wearing a size 4 shoes which means most of the ones we had are too small already!
She is such a joy. I feel like I have known her my whole life and I can hardly remember life before her.
Edited to add: Penny has her 2 bottom middle teeth. She is not sleeping through the night, but she is down to one 2am wakeup (i think). We are still cobedding, so her wakeups to nurse are pretty uneventful; I hardly remeber them.

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