Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time to Get Fit

One thing that has always been a back and forth struggle for me is my health.  I do not take good care of myself.  I generally eat like crap and I rarely work out.  Relating back to how I always make excuses, I have always found one to not take care of myself.

I typically make it through 7 days of the 30 day shred before I give up.  If I get a gym membership I go a few times a week for a month or two and then something gets in the way.  I eat healthy for a little while and then get lazy and it is back to fast food.  The thing about this that is so crazy is that Nick is a championship level athlete.  He has medals and trophies and spends LOTS of time in the gym.

So, it would seem like a logical thing for me to just join the gym with him, right?  That hasn't always been the case.  For one, I am intimidated.  I am not a heavy lifter and have never been that strong.  Yes, I was athletic in high school and college but that was a long time ago.  Thinking about what plan Nick would have me do has me scared.  Secondly, I am insecure.  I worry about looking dumb since I don't really know what I am doing.  And in the vainest fashion, I worry that I won't be wearing the right clothes.  I mean, really? How stupid is that?

So, after talking with Nick, I have joined his gym.  My goal is to feel better and look a little better, too.  An obvious bonus will be that I will get to be involved in something that Nick loves and in the process spend a little more time with him!  So far, I have been everyday since I signed up (so, 2...ha) and Penny LOVES going to the playroom and playing with the toys and the other kids.  I feel good and glad that I am there and my fears have mostly been put to rest.  I am VERY awkward and have a lot to learn but everyone has to start somewhere.

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