Sunday, November 14, 2010


Nick and I celebrated our monthly dating anniversary for years! Once we started talking weddings, we wondered if we would still do something to celebrate on the 13th of every month like we used to before we were married. We decided that a pizza-versary would be a fun way to keep celebrating! So, we started the tradition a little early, as I think we were initially talking about if we would have certain foods once a week when we have a family, like his family had hamburgers and fries every Friday, and mine had pizza. We decided that we wouldn't want to have pizza once a week (expensive and unhealthy!), but that we could do it once a month, for sure!

Yesterday, when I was on a break from my 10 hours of classes (literally), I called Nick to remind him that it was the 13th. On my way home from school, I got a text saying that the pizza was on it's way. It was so sweet for Nick to do that and have it waiting. I love pizza-versary!!

And, to commemorate, here is a picture of our first 13th (March 13, 2005). This was our very first picture together and was taken hours before Nick asked me to be his girlfriend!


  1. Awww! What a fun thing to look forward to every month

  2. How cute! :)

    Steve and I never celebrated what we call "monthiversaries". We did kind of stumble into celebrating our 6-monthiversary on 3/20/2009, though, and of course we celebrated our ANNIversary on 9/20/ this year we celebrated our 18-monthiversary on 3/20...and I think we will continue to celebrate at 6 months, in March, because we don't do Valentine's Day...and then our wedding anniversary and dating anniversary are only about 3 weeks apart, so we'll probably just combine those :) It's a good thing to kind of set this up beforehand...keeps the disappointment at bay.

  3. Thanks Heather!

    Tara-We used to call them Monthiversaries:) I always thought that we would get married on our 5 year dating anniversary (3/13/2010), but I guess we missed that boat:)