Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sparkling Thing On My Left Hand

After trying to decide what to write about today since yesterday was spent lounging on the couch, watching many episodes of Law and Order: SVU and the Patriot's game, while eating pizza and drinking wine with Nick, and not spent doing any of the things I said I was going to work on, I realized that I haven't introduced you to my ring!

Since Nick and I had been dating for many years, and living together for quite a while, the topic of marriage came up with us a lot.  We went through some hardships together, and especially after deciding that we knew for sure we wanted to spend our lives with each other, I had engagement brain.  I was one of those girls.  You know the ones, not yet engaged, but talking about weddings with every other breath.  I am not proud of this, but I knew that Nick was the one for me, and I was excited to start the next phase of our life together.

Back to the ring!  Nick and I had looked at rings once.  A whole year before he proposed.  Granted, most of our friends were engaged or married, so their had been some thoughts about rings that friends had gotten ("I like her ring" or "That ring is not for me").  When the time came to decide what ring to buy me, he did two things.  He brought my sister with him to pick it out, and he called my best friend for suggestions.  Turns out, he didn't need either of them.  When he and my sister got to the first store, he saw my ring and said "That's the one.  I know she will love it, and I don't need to look anywhere else".

He was right, it is perfect.  It is simple, timeless, and not too flashy; all words that I would use to describe myself in some ways.  I love my ring.  Five months later, and I still find myself starting at it sometimes!  It makes me so happy that he knew me so well, and that he picked something that we will both love for years and years to come.

My friend Heather and her husband Josh came to visit in September, and he was nice enough to take these beautiful pictures of my ring!

If your're married or engaged, was your ring exactly what you imagined? Or were you totally surprised by your ring?


  1. He made a great choice, it's beautiful!

  2. It's beautiful!!
    Great job, Nick!! Atta boy!! :) :) :)

    I was super surprised by my ring. As I was only 20 and had nothing but LOVE on the brain. I didn't think that much about actual weddings...but I knew that the asnswer was "YES!!" I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Over the next few months, what I would like to call a "healthy" obsession with all things wedding began to develop and hasn't let up yet!! :)

  3. I love your ring, it's classic and beautiful.

    My ring is actually my grandmother's and means so much to me. We got a new band put on it to suit me, but kept the original setting and stone. It's worth 100x more to me than any ring in a store. Now the challenge: finding a wedding band that matches!

  4. I love your ring! It's so sweet!

    We found my rings at an estate jewelry store. TThe diamond is small but beautiful and there's pink gold roses along the bands. I think it's from the 1950's. We went looking "Just to look" and I ended up falling in love with the set I have now. I told my husband he has free reign but that this was the style I liked along with a few others. I let him know he didn't have to get these specific ones, but he ended up going back for them anyway :) They were right in his price range and so unique.

  5. Beautiful! I picked out my ring! I can't believe I found the perfect ring in our price range!

    I am a new follower from WB.

  6. My ring is almost exactly what I wanted/imagined but that doesn't mean I wasn't a BIT surprised :) I had told Steve that I didn't want a diamond as a center stone; I'd rather have a sapphire. I showed him a couple different sapphire rings that I liked but none of them included the diamonds on either side of the sapphire...they were mostly just square sapphires on a diamond-encrusted band. So he took what I wanted, added a little flair and Voila, the perfect ring :)