Saturday, February 4, 2012

28 Weeks!!

Hi Everyone!  I have some posts planned, but I just never seem to sit down to write them!  Here is a little update on me and the baby! :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up about 13lbs from weight pre-preg, but lost about 15lbs in the first trimester.

Maternity Clothes: All of my pants and undershirts are maternity at this point.  Still wearing some non-maternity sweaters and cardigans.  I love maternity pants with the full panel; I think I want to wear them for the rest of my life!

Stretch Marks: None yet.  Here's hoping.  Just went out and bought some organic palmer's lotion just in case.

Sleep: I haven't been sleeping great.  I've been having really, really, really vivid dreams that keep me awake a lot.  Also, my knees which were bad to begin with seem to be getting much more sore at night.  I just bought the Boppy cuddle pillow and used it for the first time last night; it seems to help!

Movement: Lots and lots of movement.  The moving isn't as weird as the pressure coming from inside.  I love it, but it's a little strange.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I had a pretty good craving for a grilled cheese this week, and talked Nick into taking me over to Friendly's to get the perfect one!  Chicken is still something that is not my favorite at this point.  Nick made pulled chicken in the crock pot and the smell just grossed me out!

Gender: Sweet Baby Girl!  

Belly Button - In, but getting shallow.  I have a feeling it will be an outie sooner or later.

What I miss: Wine, margaritas, cap't and coke.  Basically, booze.

What I am looking forward to: Right now, Super Bowl Sunday!  We're having a few friends over and I'm making a bunch of delish football food.  Beyond that, I can't wait for my shower to see what else we need to get for her nursery.  Nick said that I can also start buying clothes after we see what people might gift for us.  There are SO many cute things that I want to get for her, especially from Carter's!

I don't have a picture from this week, but here is one from 27 weeks!  I need to take some better ones soon :)

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